Seller Info


1) There is no pre-registration necessary.  Pack up your merchandise and arrive for setup any time after 12 noon the day before the sale or early morning the day of the sale. *Holiday weekends arrive before

5 pm Thursday to be sure of getting a spot to sell.

2)  Drive to north gates, pay your rental fee and show us your Vendor ID Number.  *ALL VENDORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR FACE MASKS and/or FACE SHIELDS during selling hours and as they come thru entrance gates.  

3) New sellers will be issued a Vendor ID Number with lanyard and provide us with a completed FORM ST-19, blank forms available.  See our Sellers-Form ST19 page for details, including info on who needs a MN Sales Tax number and how to get one.

4)  Find an open space with no canopies, trailer or tables in place.  Prepare your items for display on your own tables or trailer.  Spaces are 30 feet wide and half a row deep (10-15 feet). Look for red markers in the ground along the walkway showing where each spot starts and stops. One vehicle and trailer can be parked in your spot. * You will be charged for another space if you take up more room.

5) Sellers please wear your Vendor ID Number lanyard around your neck or otherwise have clearly visible at your selling space.

6) Sellers please use social distancing whenever possible. 

  7)  Prepare to leave before the gates close at dusk.  Pack up all unsold merchandise and clean up all garbage from your area. No merchandise to be left on grounds or under/on top of tables.

8) If you want to reserve your spot by leaving a trailer/vehicle/camper on site during the week, please stop at the grey Office to fill out an information form and pay a $5 fee/per space. Items must be secured within a locked trailer, vehicle or rental building during the week.  

ALL RENTAL SPACE SALES ARE  FINAL-there are no refunds



See our Sellers-Calendar & Rates page to get shopping days and selling rates.  

You may camp at your spot the evening before you sell.

We have bathrooms with running water, but no showers. There is a hotel and several campgrounds nearby. 

Illegal items, games of skill or chance, permanent tattooing and body piercing are prohibited.  We reserve the right to decide what is inappropriate. 

Sellers may bring your pet as long as they are leashed up behind your tables away from shoppers and you clean up after them. 

The Wright County Swappers Meet reserves the right to refuse entry and to inspect all merchandise.   We are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage that may result to Seller or Seller's property. 

**Note:  We are not accepting any new food vendors at this time.